This file is part of the TADS Alt Library Authors Manual.
Copyright 2000 by Kevin Forchione. All rights reserved.


TADS Alternate Library
Version 2.0


The Alt Library Authors Manual

A Guide to the TADS Alternate Library
Kevin Forchione

Introduction and Table of Contents

March, 2000



Preface to version 1.0

The TADS Alternate Library is derived and based upon TADS ADV.T and STD.T Michael J. Roberts and much will be familiar to users of ADV.T / STD.T. Alt.t is a complete library replacement that extends the functionality developed in ADV.T.


I would like to thank Michael J. Roberts for permission to publish this library and for his many suggestions that went into its development. Thanks also to all those who have used and commented on various components of Alt that found their inception as library extensions for ADV.T.

Preface to version 2.0

Version 2.0 follows the major overhaul of the Alt system, incorporating a Sense Passing mechanism, Object Postures, and Enterable Objects. The library has also undergone a more thorough standardisation regarding naming conventions.